The Millennium Reserve e-news and website feature stories provide updates on our priorities and Partners.  Archived copies are available by clicking on the links below.  To receive the monthly newsletter via email, please join our contact list


2016 Newsletters

  • January 2016 - Now Complete: Thorn Creek Trail; UAW-Ford Deal Seen as Huge for Region; History, Nature Linked in Bronzeville; First Person Narrative: Sarah Coulter

  • February 2016 - The I & M Canal Past Lives On; Building Consensus with The Lakota Group; Land Bank Turning Around Properties; First Person Narrative: Neil Goulden

  • March 2016 - Microbreweries Hopping in Region; Next Stop, Chicago Southland; Moving Ahead in Pullman

  • April 2016 - Restoring the Region’s Wetlands; Camp Douglas: Civil War History in Chicago; Push for Calumet Heritage Area Growing; First Person Narrative – Joann Podkul 

  • May 2016 - RainReady: Helping Communities Prepare for Floods; “Shifting Sands”: Film Shares Vision of Region’s Sustainability; Homewood Links Transit, Development; First Person Narrative - Lori Burns

  • Special Update – June 2016 – Millennium Reserve: Looking Ahead

  • June 2016 - Story Map: Guide to Region’s Sites; Great Migration: History Inspires Economic Development; Harborside International Golf Center; First Person Narrative - Jean Polk Smith

  • July 2016 - MWRD: Recovering Resources in the Region; High School Programs Target Manufacturing; Blues Trail: A Trip Through History; First Person Narrative - Pete Gladstone

  • Special Update – August 2016 – Independent Status for Millennium Reserve

  • August 2016 - Celebrating African-American History in Robbins; Big Plans for Chicago’s Rivers; ArcelorMittal: Investing in Communities; First Person Narrative - Shirley M. Howard, RN

  • September 2016 - Finding Your Way in the Calumet Region; Outdoors in the Region with REI; First Person Narrative - Rose Ng

  • October 2016 - Update: Evolution of Millennium Reserve; Restoring Region’s Coastal Wetlands; Shirley Heinze Land Trust; First Person Narrative - Chuck Roth

  • November 2016 - South Shore Line Eyes Major Projects; Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Commission; Update: Evolution of Millennium Reserve


2015 Newsletters

  • January 2015 - New Home Pays Off for Sterling Lumber; Conservation Compact Brightens Future for Treasured Natural Sites; National Park Status Will Boost Jobs, Visitors and Pride in Pullman; Cook County Leadership Brings Progress to Roads and Economy

  • February 2015 - Special Update - It's History: National Monument Status for Pullman

  • March 2015 - Taking Big Steps on the Cal-Sag Trail; Center Aims to be Gateway to Region; Bold Strokes: Blue Island Plans Rowing Center; Harrington College of Design: Capturing the Region in Photos

  • April 2015 - Eco‐Friendly Company Brings Jobs to Pullman; South Siders Find Nature’s Beauty is Close to Home; Calumet Summit: Focus on Region’s Environment; New Green Business Targets Flood Prevention

  • May 2015 - Push for Calumet National Heritage Area Gaining Momentum; Birding Hot Spots in Millennium Reserve; Reconnecting Chicago and its Rivers; Calumet Fisheries: Legendary ’Shack on 95th’ Going Strong

  • June 2015 - Coming in 2016: Great Migration Centennial; County Sets Sights on Disaster Relief; The Magic of Migration: Stories Bind People, Nature; First Person Narrative: Paula Anglin

  • July 2015 - Being Green (in Blue Island); One Click Away: GIS Tool Offers Window to Region; Maritime Program a Link to Jobs, Nature; First Person Narrative: Preston Rush

  • August 2015 - Regional Trail Systems in Millennium Reserve; Craft Beer Bar in Blue Island; Camping Comes to Millennium Reserve; First Person Narrative: Brian Bender

  • September 2015 - Partnership Boosts Skilled Workforce; Fishing Challenge in Millennium Reserve: Naming “Only” a Few Favorite Places; Big Plans for Big Marsh; First Person Narrative: Marcus Parker

  • October 2015 - Join Millennium Reserve: Benefits of Being a Partner; Pullman: National Monument Site Gaining Momentum; Habitat 2030: Restoring Nature, Building Community; First Person Narrative: Christopher Rodriguez

  • November 2015 - Growing Power: Building an Urban Agriculture Movement; CMAP: Planning for a Sustainable Future; A Place to Play –and “Space to Grow”; First Person Narrative: Esperanza Baeza

  • December 2015 - Public Input Key for Powers Plan; “Green” Toolkit Guides Flood Prevention; On the Trails: Major Taylor Cycling Club; First Person Narrative: Hancy Downs  

2014 Newsletters

  • November 2014 - A Major Step Forward for Lake Calumet and the Public; Get the Guide and Start Exploring; Calumet Jobs Plan Matches Needs with Skills

  • December 2014 - Urban Flooding: Finding Long-term Solutions to a Long-term Problem; Mighty Acorns Motivates Future Conservationists;  Illinois Department of Natural Resources Investments Spur Collaboration;  Join Millennium Reserve's Expanding Partnership