Help Name Bi-state Initiative

Millennium Reserve continues to evolve, creating a new nonprofit, bi-state initiative focused on regional prosperity through sustainable development. Earlier this month, a naming working group came together at William Powers State Recreation Center for what it called a “namestorm.” The group developed criteria for a new name and identified eight options. Now, the next step is to ask readers to participate in this process by taking a short online survey to select the name you like the most.

The criteria used in developing the eight options in the naming survey included: the name should help position the new organization now and in the future; it should be functional when presenting the organization; and it should be distinctive, memorable and positive in tone without becoming a long acronym.

Readers of this newsletter are encouraged to respond to the survey through Friday, Dec. 2, 2016.  It is important that we hear from our full community of stakeholders, and ask you to consider sending this survey to your networks in Illinois and Indiana. Thank you for your participation!