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Thank you for visiting the Millennium Reserve site. Millennium Reserve has transitioned to a new organization, Calumet Collaborative. To learn more, click here.

Millennium Reserve is a transforming region in the Calumet and southeast Chicago lakefront areas with thriving commerce, communities, and wildlife.

It starts with a comprehensive environmental and economic renewal plan for the region that weaves nature into the fabric of vibrant communities. In the past, these assets have not always complemented each other. Today, a healthy environment contributes to a strong economy and collectively they create thriving communities.

The Reserve is guided by local partners who understand community priorities and know how to make the most of the region’s assets.

By connecting innovative projects with the necessary resources, we are enhancing open space, capitalizing on the region’s rich environmental assets, and investing in jobs and workforce development to create sustainable economic growth.

And it’s our collaborative process that makes Millennium Reserve the new model for urban redevelopment.

A personal Millennium Reserve story